About Us

Fantasia International Business Centre specializes in providing excellence in virtual office and serviced office for both local and international clients. During the 90’s Fantasia continuously refine and update its facilities and services becoming a full fledge virtual office with service office facilities with the aspiration to support our clients in their business expansion, by presenting to them a prestigious corporate identity to successfully establish strategic international business presence. And with the advent of business development focus on overseas market, we have foreign companies as per major clientele.

We provide a complete corporate image without the usual cost of full office space. Our service office are perfect for professional and business people who require a local market presence but do not need to rent a full office space and permanent staffing.

Our virtual office is the use of local / overseas business address for you to establish your business presence both locally or globally. This provides your business a base to expand globally / locally without the huge cost involved in setting up one yourself.

We provide quality and affordable fully furnish office space, telephone answering, administration support services for companies seeking professional image presence in a conclusive environment equipped with up to date infrastructure.

We present a cost effective alternatives compare to traditional office / business setup   |   Accessibility

The advantage of taking our office space or services is our ability to provide you with the professional image presence that your company deserve. Your clients / suppliers are greeted by our warm friendly receptionist. Your calls and messages will be taken down and forward to wherever you are. Our conclusive office interior provides you and your clients the professional image and presence needed for the growth of your business.

All our offices have standalone air-conditioning system so that you have no issues in working late. Wi-fi ready with unlimited used of hi-speed broadband, latest ergonomic furniture, fully equip printing facilities are some of the facilities we have for you in mind. We constantly innovate and stay relevant to the business needs of our partners and take great pride with providing quality facility and good service to our business partners like yourself. We have loyally stand by our partners and faithfully supported their business needs throughout the years.

Fantasia are here to help you succeed and we warmly welcome you to grow along side with us.

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